Nevada Gold and Coin now buys and trades Vintage guitars

We buy and sell Vintage Fender, Vintage Gibson, Vintage Rickenbacker, Vintage Gretsch and Vintage Marshall amps. We also buy good used guitars as well as effect pedals and lots more. If you’re selling a vintage guitar, amp or rare guitar parts please contact us – we pay top dollar and are always buying! We particularly like Flying V and Firebird guitars.


1957 Les paul custom. The Les Paul Custom has an ebony fret board rather than the rosewood used on goldtops. The fret wire used is a little flatter and somewhat wider than a Gold Top, I think they are easier to play than a goldtop.

In mid-1957, Gibson began to equip the Les Paul Custom with the new PAF (Patent Applied For) pickup designed by Seth Lover.

Most Customs have three PAFs, though there are a small number that have the traditional two-pickup configuration.

Nevada Gold and Coin will pay top dollar for Les Paul Custom Guitars.

Gibson Flying V

Gibson first manufactured prototypes of the guitar in 1957. Production guitars were made of korina wood, a trademarked name for limba, a wood similar to but lighter in color than mahogany. This Flying V, along with the Futura (Explorer) and, initially, the Moderne, made up a line of modernist guitars designed by Gibson’s then-president Ted McCarty.

These designs were meant to add a more futuristic aspect to Gibson’s image, but they did not sell well. After the initial launch in 1958, the line was discontinued by 1959. Some instruments were assembled from leftover parts and shipped in 1963, with nickel- rather than gold-plated hardware.

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